Pricing for HydraFacial Personalization

HydraFacial is a treatment that moves through illustrious Hollywood circles and is loved by all the greats of the earth. Doesn't it make sense that we are now giving away our own version of the Oscars too?!

It is therefore with pride that we can present to you:

Pricing for HydraFacial Personalization

Now that the new year has begun, we want to pay tribute to the skin specialists who stood out in a certain area in 2019. Personalization is becoming more and more important and our HydraFacialists are responding perfectly to this as well. HydraFacial not only gives you an inimitable glow, but it can also be used very effectively against specific skin concerns.

We were able to identify a salon in the following categories that managed to specialize in treating a certain condition in the past year:

A Glysal Booster is used with every HydraFacial treatment. It minimizes impurities in pores and improves superficial acne scars. However, you can choose to increase the dose of Glysal (if the skin tolerates it) and thus fight acne even more effectively.

The following salons used the most Glysal 15% and 30% in 2019:

1) Unique Beauty

2) Kybeau

3) Beyond skin aesthetics

Congratulations to La Beauté Unique, you are our HydraFacial Anti-Acne of 2019!

Britenol Booster minimizes dark spots and hyperpigmentation. By adding it to your HydraFacial, you help eliminate pigment spots and you achieve a more even complexion.

The following salons used Britenol Boosters the most in 2019:

1) Skin Clinic + Surgery

2) Salon Cleopatra

3) Carp Clinic

Congratulations Skin + Surgery Clinic, you are our HydraFacial Pigmentation Princess of 2019!

The Dermabuilder Booster minimizes the signs of aging and boosts skin with a combination of peptides. Your skin becomes firmer and more supple, your complexion becomes more radiant and your appearance more youthful.

The following salons used Dermabuilder Boosters the most in 2019:

1) Beauty Spots

2) Salon Cleopatra

3) New Cosmetics

Congratulations Beauty Spot, you are our HydraFacial Anti-aging Artist of 2019!

Depending on your skin's needs, your HydraFacial can be done with a different tip. The orange tip is ideal for exfoliating the face more powerfully. Especially for heavily aged or even keratinized skin, this can make a big difference in your treatment. The purple tip is the most aggressive of all and is intended solely for the medical market.

The following salons used orange, green and purple tips the most in 2019:

1) Bella Beauty Damla

2) Zohal Beauty

3) Diba Beauty Center

Congratulations Bella Beauty Damla, you are our 2019 HydraFacial Exfoliating Expert!

Salons that have excelled in their discipline can soon receive their personal reward!

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